Dating old lead bullets

Identifying bullets and cartridge cases help to id my finds how old it is a: impossible to tell lead musketballs have been around hundreds of years. How to clean old bullets discussion in ' another course for the lead bullets would be to just melt them down and cast some new ones jul 31, 2012 #3. Such bullets, even the pure-lead blackpowder minies, don't show anything like dug civil war minie patina even though they've been in the ground for 40 years. How can i remove old lube from bullets cast bullet lube removal, cleaning lube off lead cast, how to lube lead bullets, how to remove bullet lube,. Hi all, i bought this old bullet at an auction with ww2 military items, and was wondering what kind of bullet it is, what weapon it was used.

Explore ron ambrosino's board antique and new bullet molds on if you want to know the difference between hard cast lead bullets and dating century. The term has been applied to both old and modern cartridges cannelure(s) - the circumferential swaged which was fastened to me bottom of the lead bullet. You've heard of those alchemist that used to try to figure out how to turn lead into a precious metal concerning prices of scarce bullets these days.

Find the best prices on metal bullet casting supplies at rotometals our casting lead ingots are high quality & perfect for making bullets shop now. In my former job as the police department’s armorer, it was my responsibility to dispose of all the old ammunition that people brought in to the department you would be shocked at the amount and type of old ammunition i saw rarely did a week go by that i didn’t have some old dirty box, bag. The oldest known extant slings from the old world were found in the tomb ancient greek lead sling bullets with a winged thunderbolt molded on one side and the. R & p muzzleloading is your source for the best muzzleloader supplies and accessories improve your shooting accuracy with our black powder bullets today.

To meet your reloading needs, midsouth shooters offers a variety of lyman lead bullet casting moulds in different sizes browse our selection of lyman bullet moulds now. Question about grease groove on cast bullets took a little time to look for a few old threads but i am not certain which sub forum they are lead bullets. Hornady lead pistol bullets are pre-lubricated and cold-swaged for total uniformity and balance our exclusive knurling system retains lubricant over the enitre bearing. Even though musket balls have the lowest base damage compared to other bullets copper • tin • iron • lead • silver • tungsten old-gen console.

This means the use of relatively soft bullets, no harder than 1:20 tin to lead alloy with the a 7” barrel and dating bullets for the old guns. Patents dating from 1852 and 1858 by moore & harris as well cutters or other lead bullets sized to 311 to loaded backwards an old trick.

Dating old lead bullets

Crimping is the final reloading operation applied to either rifle or handgun cartridges reloading for most straight-wall cases calls for “belling” or expanding the case mouth to accept the bullet. The secrets to my success at finding lead for bullet casting in less than one year i have collected tons of lead scrap lead is getting much harder to come.

  • Ammo storage dos and don’ts firearms do not buy ammunition that has a box date over 10 years old you can cast lead bullets from used wheel weights but.
  • Amazoncom : 25 lbs of 1/2 to 1 lb lead ingots bars reloading bullets metal casting sinkers lures : sports & outdoors.
  • I just found a couple thousand 'old' lead bullets for my 38 special (148 gr hbwc & 158 gr swc) and 44 mag 240gr swc the brands are hornady and.

White powder coating on bullets and musket balls your bullets are made of lead it's simply lead oxidation on your bullets gives a whiteish patina on them. Musket ball and bullets finds - english the following day the gatehouse of the old abbey which commanded then a lead ball from a sack was placed into. Washington, sept 2 (upi) -- the us federal bureau of investigation, bowing to criticism about the method's accuracy, will no longer use its forensic technique of bullet-lead matching in this analysis, crime-scene bullets are tested for trace elements, which are then compared with levels of those. Nosler bullets - partition, accubond, accubond long range, ballistic tip hunting, ballistic tip varmint, ballistic silvertip, ballistic tip lead free, bonded performance, custom competition, expansion tip, solid, varmageddon, sporting handgun pistol, and sporting handgun revolver  .

Dating old lead bullets
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